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Sexual Side Effects of Stimulant Abuse

Drug abuse and dependence in New York or Princeton can permeate every aspect of your life, both professional and personal. Stimulant drugs in particular are known for their impact on sexuality—continued use of cocaine and methamphetamine can change your sex life drastically, though these effects may change with the quantity and frequency of use.

Many […]

Consequences and Complications of Stimulant Drug Abuse

Among stimulant users who enter addiction treatment, it is very difficult to determine whether depressive symptoms commonly associated with chronic stimulant use are caused by a drug-induced depression or an underlying (pre-existing) depressive disorder exacerbated by the stimulant use. More than 50% of stimulant users in addiction treatment meet criteria for concurrent psychiatric disorders and […]

How Methamphetamine and Cocaine Addiction Affect Your Health

When you struggle with a methamphetamine orcocaine addiction in New York, the stimulating effects of these substances can make it easy to ignore how dangerous they are. Though serious health consequences are less common with stimulant use than with chronic use of alcohol, high concentrations of methamphetamine and cocaine can have catastrophic effects on your […]

The Kindling Effect: A Little-Known Danger of Cocaine Abuse

If you’ve started a program for addiction recovery in New York or Princeton, you probably know about the concept of tolerance. When you begin using a substance, its effects on your mind are substantial even in small doses, but those same feelings become more elusive as you use the substance longer and more frequently. Even […]

Drug Abuse and Dependence: Signs, Similarities and Differences

Drug abuse and dependence are not the same thing. Though they share similar attributes, drug abuse and dependence are different shades of the same problem drug abuse implies some level of control over substance abuse, while dependence suggests that substance abuse now dominates many aspects of life.

Though a diagnosis of either substance abuse disorder […] | 425 Madison Avenue (49th St), Suite 1502, New York, NY 10017 | Phone: (212) 969-1899