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Alcoholism, Abuse and Addiction: A Search to Find Meaning

Our society’s obsession with acquiring money and possessions is yet another factor that makes us addiction-prone. If we look to things to full us up, we pay for this magical solution with our freedom—our soul. As long as we think we must protect our supply of things, we are impeded in making career and other […]

Seeking Control in Alcoholism and Abuse

How our own perception of control influences our risk of addiction, drug abuse and alcoholism in New York and Princeton.

As more people feel a substantial lack of control over their lives in any given context or situation, the rates of addiction in that society will rise. The level of control we perceive over our […]

Living in an Addictive Society

Whether you live in New York or Princeton, these places are more than just your home. They are indicators of the society and culture that surrounds you. Living in New York or Princeton influences your level of exposure to alcoholism and abuse, and may encourage you to develop certain traits of an addictive personality.

It […]

Addiction in the Family Environment

The family is what shapes each of us into who we are and what we become. In certain situations, poor coping strategies, emotional instability and other environmental trauma interfere with a healthy and happy home, causing children within the home to develop a series of emotional issues that may one day lead to alcoholism and […]

Personality Traits and Addictive Behavior

The addictive personality is often talked of as if it is a diagnostic tool–like noticing certain personality traits early on in an individual’s life may indicate an inclination towards alcoholism and abuse. This isn’t the case, however. The addictive personality is a popular term given to a continuum of independent traits that are often present […]

Alcoholism, Abuse and the Addictive Personality

We hear a lot these days about the “addictive personality,” and it is true that certain traits increase one’s chances of becoming addicted to something. For instance, if you are painfully shy and self-conscious and a particular drug makes you feel more relaxed and sociable, chances are you’re going to want to use it again […]

The Development of Addiction as a Disease

Addictive disease refers to how prone a person is to developing addictive behavior. Addiction is analogous to the process of combustion. The disease—or level of proneness in a person—is fuel. The drug or activity is the spark. For addiction to start, the right spark has to come into contact with the right person. When the […]

Defining the Addict

Despite preconceived notions of the “addict,” alcoholism, drug abuse and addiction can impact the life of absolutely anyone. It is just as impossible to define what draws a person to a substance as it is to define what draws two people into a relationship.

Addiction develops out of a complex interaction based on how the […]

The Developing Addiction

How ordinary people get trapped with addictive behaviors during the five stages of addiction development.

You don’t have to have every element of an addictive personality or be emotionally disturbed to become trapped by addictive behavior. Addiction starts with an imprint on your brain of an experience you’ve had with some activity or substance that […]

Faces of Addiction and Addiction Treatment

There are countless faces of addiction. Aside fromalcoholism and drug abuse, addiction can take the shape of numerous maladaptive behaviors.

There is a strong argument that we are fast becoming a nation of compulsive drug users, a “chemical people,” if you will. As Americans, we consume over 60 percent of the world’s production of illicit […] | 425 Madison Avenue (49th St), Suite 1502, New York, NY 10017 | Phone: (212) 969-1899