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Our professional staff of doctors, psychologists, and other drug & alcohol treatment specialists regularly appear in local and national news media.

The Fix | 1/15/2015
Unintended Consequences: Are We Inadvertently Increasing Heroin Overdose Deaths?

The Fix | 11/26/2014
Professional Voices—Engaging the High-Rolling Client

Hollywood Take | 8/16/2014
Robin Williams Defeated By Depression? Devastating Addiction, Parkinson’s And Suicide Leave His Children With A Trail Of Questions

Pro Talk | 9/9/2014
A Vicious Cycle: Stimulant Drugs and Compulsive Sex

Pro Talk | 4/22/2014
Treating the High-Functioning Addict

Blog Talk Radio | 6/7/2013
BlogTalk Radio Interview with Dr. Washton by Ken Anderson of HAMS

theSOP | 5/15/2012
Why Do Celebrities Fail at Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

theSOP | 4/2/2012
Judyth Piazza and Dr. Arnold M. Washton Discuss Alcohol and Drug Addictions

theSOP | 3/23/2012
Whitney’s Toxicology Results Paint a Tragic Picture

theSOP | 2/14/2012
A Deadly Combination: Prescription Drugs and Alcohol

theSOP | 1/31/2012
“Whippets” (Nitrous Oxide) and Abuse of Other Inhalants

theSOP | 1/17/2012
The Fastest Growing Drug Problem in America: Prescription Painkillers

MTV News | 7/2/2009
Michael Jackson’s Alleged Addictions: Experts Weigh In


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