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Is Compass Health Group’s Alcohol Moderation Treatment a Realistic Option for You?

Compass Health Group offers the unique option of alcohol moderation for people who want to reduce their alcohol consumption to safer limits. This is not a standard treatment program that pressures you to give up drinking forever and attend AA meetings. We use a toolbox of different strategies which are generally intended for “problem drinkers,” i.e., non-alcoholics with less severe drinking problems who have not suffered life-damaging consequences from their drinking and have no prior history of alcohol dependence (alcoholism).

It is widely thought that controlled drinking is simply not a safe or realistic option for anyone who’s developed a drinking problem, based on the assumption that drinking problems always progress and inevitably gets worse. And it goes without saying that for anyone who has developed a really serious drinking problem, abstinence is by far the safest course. However, research also has shown that, with proper help, “problem drinkers” can and sometimes do successfully learn how to moderate their drinking and reliably keep it within safer limits.

For more information on our alcohol moderation treatment, view our FAQs.

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