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We offer help with moderate drinking for individuals who realize that their drinking is problematic and want to learn how to moderate their drinking within safer limits rather than give it up completely. Unlike all or nothing programs that require total abstinence and attendance at AA meetings, our alcohol moderation treatment is based on scientific research showing that with appropriate help, “problem drinkers” (non-alcoholics with less severe drinking problems) can successfully reduce their alcohol consumption and avoid harmful consequences associated with unhealthy drinking patterns.

How does ALCOHOL MODERATION treatment work?

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with truly flexible, individualized treatment that’s designed to meet their unique situation and needs. We provide you with a combination of advice, guidance, education, and support – all designed to maximize your chances of success at moderate drinking. You will also have the option of joining one of our moderation groups where you can benefit from the support and feedback of other people grappling with similar issues. Your course of treatment will take place over several weeks or months, depending on a variety of factors including the initial nature or severity of your drinking problem, your motivation and readiness to change, the presence of other complicating factors, your available support system, and your rate of progress.

Who is most likely to succeed at moderate drinking?

According to recent studies, people most likely to succeed at moderating their alcohol intake are those who:

  • Have shorter drinking histories and less severe alcohol-related problems
  • Have never been physically addicted to alcohol
  • Have never been addicted to or had severe problems with other drugs
  • Are not currently grappling with severe life problems such as divorce, job loss, bankruptcy, debilitating or life-threatening medical illness, death of a loved one, depression or other psychiatric illness, etc.
  • Have no medical or psychiatric problems that would only be made worse by drinking alcohol, even in moderation

Can medication help to make moderation easier?

Research by Dr. David Sinclair and others indicates that taking naltrexone shortly before taking the first drink can blunt alcohol's reinforcing effects and limit the amount of alcohol consumed on that occasion before it leads to severe intoxication, blackouts, and other harmful consequences. We have seen positive results with "Sinclair Method" naltrexone treatment (as contrasted with the standard method of taking naltrexone every day regardless of drinking) in many of our patients over the past two years, especially when combined with cognitive-behavioral interventions such as our Alcohol Moderation Groups.

What if moderation does not work for me?

If it turns out that you are unable to reliably moderate your alcohol intake without lapsing back into harmful drinking patterns, we will help you to take a break from drinking and formulate a revised treatment plan. Should this happen, it’s important that you do not see this as failure, but as a valuable learning experience that has provided you with important information. Discovering through your own experience that moderation is not attainable right now is likely to enhance your motivation to take a break from alcohol, at least temporarily.

For more information on our alcohol moderation treatment, download our FAQ sheet here.


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