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Integrating the Science of Addiction Medicine with the Art of Addiction Psychotherapy

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Do you need help with anxiety, depression, bipolar or attention deficit disorder? The psychiatrists at Compass Health Group (CHG) can help treat those issues along with any co-occurring substance abuse problems.

Personalized Care

Our psychiatric services are tailored to address your individual needs. Because no single method of  treatment works best for everyone, we use an individually-tailored approach that is designed to address your specific needs.

Types of Psychiatric Problems Treated

Coordinated Team of Medical Doctors and Therapists

We have a multispecialty team of medical doctors and therapists. So while our psychiatrists may prescribe particular medications, they work together with the psychologists and other therapists on our team to provide you with truly coordinated comprehensive care.  In addition to medication prescribed by our psychiatrists, you can also receive individual psychotherapy provided by our licensed psychologists.

Our medical treatment options include:

  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS)

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