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Psychiatric Treatment Options in Our New York Office

In addition to alcohol and drug abuse, we provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for a wide range of psychiatric and other mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ADHD. It is very common for substance abuse and psychiatric disorders to occur simultaneously. When that is the case both problems must be properly addressed, often requiring the right combination of medication and psychotherapy. Treating only one type of problem when both are present is not likely to be successful and relapse rates remain high.  At Compass Health Group, our coordinated team of psychiatrists and psychologists are able to comprehensively address both addiction and mental health disorders. As a patient at CHG, you will receive personalized care that may include medication and/or psychotherapy.  We utilize a holistic approach to treat depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, ADHD, relationship problems, insomnia, and trauma. Our approach is flexible, individualized, and sophisticated.

Collaboration with Outside Psychologists & Other Therapists

The psychiatrists and psychologists at CHG work closely with one another to insure that both the biological and psychological components of mental health problems are comprehensively addressed. CHG clinicians also welcome opportunities to collaborate with outside practitioners whose private patients come here for additonal help. We routinely encourage patients to continue with their therapist and with the patient’s consent we will gladly coordinate care and provide progress reports.

Discreet Confidential Help

Compass Medical Services is dedicated to providing discreet expert care to individuals needing psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Contact us today to set up a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. | 425 Madison Avenue (49th St), Suite 1502, New York, NY 10017 | Phone: (212) 969-1899