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Integrating the Science of Addiction Medicine with the Art of Addiction Psychotherapy

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An Integrated Approach to Alcohol Therapy

Over the years, experts have developed numerous approaches to alcohol and drug abuse therapy in New York and Princeton. However, just like any form of medicine or therapeutic treatment, the success of one methodology doesn’t imply the failure of another. Sometimes the best way to resolve a problem is to combine different approaches. This is […]

Structuring Time during Addiction Recovery

The early stages of an addiction recovery program in New York or Princeton will encourage you to make changes in both your behavior and lifestyle. Once you remove alcohol and drugs from your daily routines it can leave a large void in how you spend your time. Time that was previously spent using alcohol or […]

Sexual Side Effects of Stimulant Abuse

Drug abuse and dependence in New York or Princeton can permeate every aspect of your life, both professional and personal. Stimulant drugs in particular are known for their impact on sexuality—continued use of cocaine and methamphetamine can change your sex life drastically, though these effects may change with the quantity and frequency of use.

Many […]

Total Abstinence: Staying Drug-Free during Addiction Treatment

Though any steps made toward reducing drug use are moves in the right direction, those in addiction treatment for stimulants like cocaine should make total abstinence a priority. Attempts to control stimulant use instead of ceasing it will seldom be successful, and continuing to use even in a limited way can put you at a […]

The Role of 12-Step Programs in the Treatment of Substance Abuse

12-step addiction treatment programs are not the sole path to abstinence, and an aversion to them may have led you to seek our personalized programs for thetreatment of substance abuse in New York or Princeton in the first place. However, 12-step programs can still be a valuable component of your treatment, helping you stay supported […]

Group Participation in the Treatment of Substance Abuse

“My name is ___________, and I am an addict.”

It is amazing how this short phrase prevents so many people from wanting to become active in group recovery programs during addiction treatment in New York or Princeton. Taking ownership of an addiction is a difficult battle for many people to overcome. Relating to others with […]

Family Ideals in the 1950s: The Shaping of Addiction How hiding alcoholism and abuse from the home in the 1950s helped to shape the onset of addictive behavior in children.

The baby boomer generation has struggled with addiction at alarming rates, and there are a handful of theories as to why this may be. Baby boomers were born after the Second World War. Their parents had made it through the great depression, a horrendous war and were becoming stable and secure in their newly established […]

Amusement, Addiction and Drug Abuse

There are a handful of things that are truly valued in the United States. We place value on accomplishments, on materials and ultimately on our own pleasure. If something is fun, then it is worth our time, our money and our energy. We spend billions of dollars every year to attend sporting events, to visit […]

Alcoholism, Abuse and Addiction: A Search to Find Meaning

Our society’s obsession with acquiring money and possessions is yet another factor that makes us addiction-prone. If we look to things to full us up, we pay for this magical solution with our freedom—our soul. As long as we think we must protect our supply of things, we are impeded in making career and other […]

Addictive Behaviors of the Baby Boomer Generation

The baby boomers are the largest generation ever to move through our society. Born following world-war two, the baby boomers are trend setters in a lot of regards. The historical perspective of the 1960s, the 1970s and the 1980s are all thanks to the baby boomers, and at each stage of development this generation has […] | 425 Madison Avenue (49th St), Suite 1502, New York, NY 10017 | Phone: (212) 969-1899