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Integrating the Science of Addiction Medicine with the Art of Addiction Psychotherapy

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Our Personalized Approach to Alcohol and Drug Abuse

The addiction psychologists of Compass Psychological Services PLLC treat people in all stages of recovery who want to reduce their drinking, stop drinking completely, or stop using all addictive substances. Whether your goal is moderate drinking or total abstinence, we can help. We recognize that people with alcohol and drug problems are not all alike and that no single treatment approach works best for everyone. Unlike standard programs that rely heavily on a one size fits all approach, we use a toolbox of different strategies including motivational, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, emotion-focused, and psychodynamic techniques to address not only the substance use itself, but also the underlying issues that motivate people to use substances and other compulsive behaviors as “self-medication”. Unless these underlying issues are addressed, relapse often remains inevitable.

Doing “What Works” to Overcome Alcohol and Drug Issues

Decades of research has shown that there are many different ways to overcome addiction, not just one way, and that a combination of different approaches often produces the best results. In contrast to most addiction programs, our practices are not based on a twelve-step philosophy. While we acknowledge and support the positive value for many individuals of AA and other 12-step programs, we also recognize that these programs are not attractive or acceptable to many others.

Science-Based Substance Abuse Treatment

The treatment provided here is evidence-based, meaning the various therapies and medications we utilize have been carefully evaluated in scientific studies and found to be effective in treatment of substance abuse. We work with individuals who struggle with moderate to severe problems with alcohol, prescription opioids, heroin, stimulants, benzodiazepines (tranquilizers), and other addictive substances, as well as psychiatric conditions including depression, anxiety, ADHD, and bipolar disorders. Based on a comprehensive assessment, we help clients choose their treatment goals (e.g., abstinence or moderate drinking) and formulate an initial treatment plan to help them achieve those goals. The clinicians in both practices are all fully licensed professionals with the training and expertise to treat the full range of emotional and behavioral problems often associated with substance abuse. We provide individually-tailored treatment that integrates the science of addiction medicine with the science of addiction psychotherapy. In other words, we are dedicated to “doing what works” (which happens to be the subtitle of Dr. Washton’s most recent book on treating addiction).

“One Stop Shopping” for Comprehensive Care

Our patients benefit from the unprecedented access we provide to a variety of different services in one location.  It is uncommon to find in other treatment settings the scope of medical and psychological treatment options available right here, the flexibility this affords to truly individualize care, and the “one stop shopping” it provides for people needing multiple services. | 425 Madison Avenue (49th St), Suite 1502, New York, NY 10017 | Phone: (212) 969-1899